Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The thought of swimming 2 + hours is crazy!!!

This morning as I was swimming the thought passed my mind real quick, "the thought of swimming 2+ hours is crazy"! Each monday and wednesday at 6am the swim i how i start my day. With my warm cup of joe in my hand as i drive to the pool, I continuously try to sike myself up for the swim. As i dress down into my suit and walk to the water I am now 2 mins away from non stop swimming. Right when I drop in and put my goggles down I just go immediate into my swim because if i think about any further i may stand there a minute longer than i need. To be honest the first 1oom is the hardest. So in that 1st 100m i'm trying to find my rythmn. I have never been a strong swimmer and i'm continuously thinking, " do i have what this swim takes"? I can run for 2 hours, i can definately ride for 2 hours but swim? This my first hurdle to get over. I know i'm strong, driven and highly motivated so knowing myself, i can do this!!! I have to trust my past because i have accomplished things bigger than myself. (i.e. sprints tri's, STP, 1/2 marathon) That is why i took this leap to do Ironman, because it is bigger than I am. So, this is what keeps me pushing so hard. My constant phrase i say to myself when i'm running and swimming, "I love this, you are having fun, you like to challenge yourself"!

Until further, Keep on working hard and challenging your ability!

-future ironman


Anonymous said...

that's amazing! When I swim I like to pretend that I'm a ship cutting through the icey arctic... But that's just me.

You r0x0r!

-Anna B.

livenlearn said...

Nice dude, this is a sweet blog. Cant wait to read more insight on what its like to train for something this hard day in and day out!

Lisa said...

You are going to rock it!!!