Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going through the motions.........

i'm sure that this is going to be my thoughts somethime down the road but as of now, i'm loving it all. the mornings are the hardest part but after my feet touch the ground, i'm ready to go. my pool is closed tomorrow so zak and i are taking the day off to rest. i've been reading alot lately and going to specific websites to see which site can educate me the most. 2 websites i have started to follow pretty regularly: trifuel.com and swimplan.com
so if anyone wants to have a routine or a sometime of plan go to these sites. it's wierd because i'm a personal trainer, you'd think i'd have all the answers but i don't. this is an area of the gym i've never visited. actually going through this process has almost inspired me to become a certified triathalon coach.
Progress: Swim is still 60 minutes each day (mon/wed) but as for the run zak and i are up to 11 miles. this saturday we'll be doing 12 hours. i'm going to be out of town so kate and I will be doing this together. kates gonna ride the bike and I'll run. jokingly i told her she can be my pacer.
i'm also shopping around for a tribike, i had the idea to offering my services to someone selling their bike. i'll trade personal training sessions for their bike. i hope that works!

until then, late!

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