Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Swim

To be honest the swim is my first obstacle I feel i need to conquer. As of date I am up to 1.25 mi in one hour. I'm not focusing on any particular program right now, I am just wanting to get comfortable in the water. Each morning I rise i am struggling to get up because i know what is ahead of me. After each session i am so glad i threw my covers off and put my feet on the ground to start each morning. As i stated before i'm not concerned too much on any specific format but am focused on just getting my stroke down. Each morning is getting easier and with that i am throughly excited about the feeling of progression. As my mentors have told me, "just get enjoy each activity (swim, run and bike) and worry about training specific later". That is what i say to myself each time i jump in the water and each time i start a run.

Zak and I hit the water every monday and wednesday at 6am and swim for that entire hour. We state how far we are going to swim and make sure we hit each goal. We are just enjoying our swims right now and it shows because we still are wearing a smile after each session.

Well i need to end my day because it's past 11pm and i have an early swim tomorrow.

Until next time.....................

Your Future Ironman

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