Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 1

It was the morning of Sunday September 21st and I was getting ready for the Kirkland sprint triathalon (.5 mi swim, 12 mi bike and 3.1 mi run) and a quick thought went through my mind about a future ironman. After completing my sprint the thought became real. My friend corey sent me a link to all open ironmans in 2009 and Louisville, Kentucky was the only one available. After pondering for a couple days, it was friday night September 26th that I officially registered. I am going to travel to kentucky and start my first ironman on august 30th, 2009!!!

I can't explain how excited i am to challenge my body to the limit. Monday and Wednesdays are officially my swim days that I get up at 5am and start my swim at 6am for a full hour. I'm riding my bike to work (not counting as my official training, but getting extra actvity). I'm running 4 days per week right now with a minimum of 3 miles, but will progress to a minimum of 6 miles.

I've been conversing with Tracy Zorn who is a triathlete I ran into on the web. I've been picking her brain alot and will ask her for continual guidance. It is her blog that I started reading the night before my Kirkland sprint that I was highly motivated by and started entertaining the idea of an ironman.

To be honest this is a scary thing, the constant thoughts run through my mind wondering," do i have what it take?". As a personal trainer I continually throw out those thought by replacing them with,"heck yes I have what it takes and I'm going to prove it!"

The journey has began, I'm going to contine with what I love and that is living an active lifestyle. Along with this love I'm going to push myself to levels and distances i would have never imagined by body going. Doing an ironman is something that has been on my "bucketlist", i never imagined it so soon and that is what excited me the most. It's like having a dream and having that dream come into reality. I have a very strong support group and that is what allows me to start this journey.

So before I go any further, thank you katie for everything you are and everything you do for me because without you I would not have the drive i have. Thank you to corey, dana, my parents and friends because I know you will all be there.

So, here I go...............................

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