Saturday, November 1, 2008

15 miles in the rain.......

I set out today on a run and my goal was a distance I've never reached yet. Todays goal was 15 miles. I routed my run and memorized the route and then I set out. Right as I went out the rain had began to fall and all I could think was, "this 15 miles is definatley going to be earned today!"
The route was awesome, I went through parts of black diamond and into four corners and down into maple valley and eventually did a loop that shot me back on highway 516 and back to black diamond and back home.
The first 2-3 miles was my intro into the run so those are always the hardest part because its in that time that I'm getting all my thoughts cleared and getting in a rythmn and completely focused on each step. My ankle started to mess with me for a short time and eventually the ache went away. The entire run was relaxing and calming. It wasn't until the last 3-4 miles that I staryed to feel the run. I layed my run out like so: 1st part-ease into the run, 2nd part-increase pace a little bit but control pace, and 3rd-increase pace and feel the increased intensity. The last part felt very refreshing but my body was screaming for oxygen and relaxation. It was funny, the last mile seemed to neverend. When I was nearing my finish I wasn't sure of the emotion I was going to feel. Was I going to cry or was I going to simply feel like a rockstar because I have just surpassed one of my own records today?
I didn't cry, I just reached my hands in the air and verbally said,"thank you Jesus for giving me this ability!"
It feels good to do something you have never done before. Then after my verbal praise I pumped my fist in the air.
Its 10:20 on a saturday and I'm already in bed. My legs are still screaming. I may be sore tomorrow. I am so exhausted right now. I don't know if I want to go watch alittle more tv or just let my eyes fall. Ill give sleep a chance and see that will work. Even though I'm tired my mind is still running.

15 miles in the bag!



Lisa said...

Way to go Scott!!

Single Dispair said...
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Keefer said...

go scott go! This was over 3 months ago.. where are your other blogs!???