Thursday, October 30, 2008

I admit, i did it...............

I missed my first run day and let me tell you. Not a great feeling. I was on the road with core and forget that i had made an arrangment to meet up with a friend. it was great seeing him. I wish i would have ran when i knew i should have. this is the thing with ironman preparation and eventually training. i can not let my training focus get distracted. the way i feel when i hit each day of training, makes me feel so alive. even though ironman is my focus, i love to run, swim and ride! it just happens to be an event that i get to do all in one day each event after each other. when i ride to work, i feel so good! when i run to work, i feel great! I can't swim to work but i'm sure i'd feel the same way. it's amazing how focused i am when i start my day with swim or with a run or even a ride. it's like my peaceful vacation that is shortly lived but i still get the same effect as a vacation. even though my body is screaming due to exhaustion, i don't ever want to stop because the freedom i feel is such a high. When i swim, run, ride or lift i don't have anyone asking anything from me, and its a freedom i need. When i stop then i want to serve everything and everyone, but in that moment of activity i am asked by nobody but my BODY. When i training i am bettering myself for my wife, my son, my daughter, my entire family and friends. i am a role model to whoever looks up to me, i love that position God has given me in life. He has given me a responsibility that i take so serious, therefore i take life seriously. I want my wife, children, family members and friends to inspired by my motivation that they can be inspired to inspire others also.

As i type my thoughts get deeper and questions continue to role through my head on why i am doing ironman and as the questions arise the answers follow. As of right now my motto is ringing true in my life, “To be like no one else, you must dream, think and live like no one else does.” Knowing that I feel complete. I may not have views like everyone else, i may not believe what everyone else does, i may not live like everyone does but I am slowly but surely seeing that is what make me the person God has made me and makes me unique.

Its funny how writing/typing brings out feelings and thoughts you were unaware of but i believe this to be one of the healthiest things to do.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i feel so alive!


livenlearn said...

No worries man, missing a workout is never good, but you are ahead of the game... plenty of time to make it up!
45mi/wk though... man, thats gonna be hard, but well worth it mile at 130 of 140.6!
funny how a blog makes you realize things about yourself you didnt know...
preach on, im just glad to be apart of the journey. Iron sharpening Iron

Lisa said...

Blogging is a good way to find those feelings :)

You are an awesome role model! And a great motivator :) Keep it up!!